Campus voices: Jazz Orchestra

Western’s jazz orchestra members answer, “How does it feel to be practicing inside again?” 

Camille Lenning | Entertainment Editor

Noah Adams, senior audio production major, drumset

“I would say it’s very nice … it makes it a lot nicer, a lot more inviting for me to be here for a while if I’m practicing.”

Nathan Richardson, junior jazz studies major, saxophone

“It’s been great. I actually wasn’t here last year; at the school I was at before it was completely online so we didn’t play together at all, so just being able to play in general with other people has been amazing.”

William Murphree, first-year music education major, saxophone

“I think it feels great personally because there are a lot of challenges that come with playing outside … especially when it’s colder, things like intonation, it’s harder to hear other people in the ensemble, it’s harder to blend with people and hear, like, the different intricacies of the pieces that you’re playing, and also it’s just like cold out, so your hands get cold.”

Essence Githens, sophomore music education major, trombone 

“It’s a lot better. Playing outside has its benefits, like being louder and like building up your lungs honestly. But playing inside, I think you really just connect more with the music and it’s easier to hear who’s playing, who’s playing what and blending a lot more. So, I enjoy it.” 

Sorin Santos, first-year music education major, trombone

“It’s very exciting, it changes the way how, like, the ensemble feels because outside it feels like you’re playing out into nothing, almost. But when you’re inside you can hear everybody better and you feel more a part of an ensemble when you’re playing inside and together.” 

Lucas Devon, junior music education major, trumpet

“It feels really nice … I don’t know, like playing outside is fine, but when it gets super cold it’s just like you can really feel it and it just makes everything so miserable, so being inside is super great.”

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