Besties for the restie

Tips to making long lasting relationships

Sarah Austin | Lifestyle Editor

Finding and making friends as an adult can be difficult. The first thing to recognize is that it all starts with making an effort ⏤ whether it be putting oneself out there, or finding someone with similar interests ⏤ and it can be tiring. Making that move can be the difference between finding a friend for life, and spending time alone — which is okay too, if preferred. All relationships take effort from both sides, so doing one’s part is important and if unable to, asking for help or communicating can mean the world. The following four pillars of friendship, when followed, can help ensure this.

  1. Making friendship a core value: by implementing relationships with friends as a core value, one is able to make a deep connection and build a support system for all parties to appreciate. 
  2. Team building activities: when others feel comfortable being themselves they are more inclined to make a life long friendship. Ideas for this include group yoga, working out together, creating videos for social media, game nights, paint nights and even a white elephant gift party, depending on the time of year.
  3. Sharing priorities: by communicating and sharing life priorities with each other, a deeper friendship can be established and bonded upon. This can include things from career and family goals to traveling and fitness.
  4. Establishing rituals: having set days or things that can be done for one another or together is a perfect way to strengthen both the friendship and one’s own mental wellbeing.

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