Beautiful Board

Written by: Jude Bokovoy

Creating a personalized vision board is the perfect way to get a sense of what is truly important and explore what one’s goals are. Plus, it can be a great way to have a relaxing time making the masterpiece to display. The board can consist of yearly goals, futuristic goals or the curation of  one’s overall lifestyle. There are many routes to take when laying out one’s board. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Routine — What are some things that would help life be more motivating and organized? Whatever that may be, glue it down. Examples may include a skincare routine, using a planner or making one’s bed. 

Dream pet — Who doesn’t have their ideal pet ingrained in their head?

Trips — There are so many places to go around this beautiful planet, where would one like to start? Adventuring just around the corner, simply going home for a weekend or a special place on the bucket list are all good options.

Affirmations — Be kind to oneself. Even just a few words of encouragement can work wonders when received each day while looking over one’s board.

Little things that make one happy — Whatever that may be, make sure to include it. Flowers, iced coffee or butterflies — there are no limits. 

Fashion — Everyone has some clothing items they wished were in their closet. One could go that particular route or select pictures of a certain style to include within their board. 

Career — Adding one’s desired career can help with motivation when taking difficult courses. After all this is why most pursue a degree.

Home — Is there a kitchen or bedroom aesthetic that one’s been daydreaming about? 

Activities — Ask oneself what one wants to do more often. Going on picnics, walks or reading are all great ideas to include. Including it in the board could be just the thing to inspire one to get out and do it. 

Intentions — What impressions does one want to leave behind? Place a few key words down to help focus on what is important.

Plans to look forward to — The board doesn’t have to be all about the future. Place some exciting trips and events that are in one’s grasp.

Health — What would be beneficial to one’s health? Well balanced meals, working out or a skincare routine are all good ideas to consider adding.

Encouraging quotes or scriptures — Add some pick-me-ups to help boost each day. 

Help make the world a better place — Whatever one feels inclined to do, place it on the board. Examples are volunteering or simply working on being a kinder person to those one is surrounded by.

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