A List of Ways to Spend Time Alone

Wrtten by: Mikayla Coleman

Feeling disconnected from oneself? Noticing codependency on significant people in one’s life? Use this list of ideas to spend some quality time with oneself — allowing for growth, reflection and heightened confidence in one’s identity and place in the world. 

Take a hike. Monmouth has many nice places to walk, whether one is looking for a long trek or a short stroll. If one wants to get out of their comfort zone, Riverfront Park in Salem is a great choice for a change of scenery even in the colder months. Bundle up, get moving and breathe the fresh winter air. 

Try meditation. Depending on what level one is starting at, there are many options to try meditation. Those who identify as beginners can find great guided meditations and breathing exercises on Youtube. 

Visit an art gallery. There are many unique art galleries with rotating displays within Monmouth’s vicinity. Some in the Salem Area include Ernie and Gray, Salem on the Edge or the concrete gallery tucked in the back of the small, but amazing art supply store, the Art Department, located in the heart of downtown Salem.

Watch a thought-provoking documentary. Believe it or not, there are some documentaries that do not fall under the true crime umbrella. Some interesting documentaries that can be streamed on Netflix include “The Mind, Explained,” “How To Change Your Mind,” or “Human: The World Within.” 

Play a wholesome video game. Sometimes there is nothing better than cuddling oneself in a comfy blanket and playing some video games. Nintendo in particular has a lot of options that abstain from obsessive violence and fill one with that blissful childhood nostalgia, such as all of the variations of “Animal Crossing” or “Mario Kart.” Another good cross-platform option is “Stardew Valley.” 

Do a digital declutter. Take a minute to finally pay attention to those disregarded text messages and emails. Take a look at one’s computer desktop and remove any old screenshots or non-important files. This small gesture can make a huge difference — when life becomes busy, it will be well worth it to have those things organized. 

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