‌Hop to it, Easter is just a few days away

Plan something fun for Easter with these suggestions 

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Easter get-togethers and egg hunts across the community will look a little different this year, but there is still an abundance of things to do come Easter Sunday. The day can be as simple as enjoying one’s own company ⏤ full of rest, relaxing and eating huge chocolate bunnies. Whatever people may have planned, here are a few things anyone can try to stay entertained:


  • For many people, dyeing Easter eggs is a must, although it can get messy. There are online tutorials that explain tips for beginners and ones that show elaborate designs. 
  • Easter egg hunts are a staple activity for people of many ages, and can also be a good way to keep kids engaged for a while. Try it with pets by putting treats in the eggs and hiding them in a place they frequent. 
  • The egg toss is perfect because all ages can participate in the competition. This is another messy game but it allows people to enjoy time outdoors and to practice their hand-eye coordination. 
  • It would be a shame to forget about the egg walk — which requires the player to hold a spoon in their mouth, while an egg balances in the spoon. Then, they walk a certain distance without dropping the egg in order to win. 
  • “Pin the tail on the rabbit” is an easy, interactive game to help entertain the youngsters. This will require a blindfold, a piece of paper, a pen to draw the bunny, some tape and a white cotton ball for the tail. 

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