Ron Swartzendruber

WEB Programmer Analyst, University Computing Solutions

503-838-8795 |
ITC 004

Personal Website

Why I chose WOU

I started at WOU because it was the best job offer I got after moving back to Oregon. I chose to stay because of the interesting people, laid-back atmosphere, and beautiful campus.

At WOU since



Reading, writing, puzzles, games (both computer and tabletop.)

Fun fact

My father comes from a long line of Mennonites and Amish but ended up as an auto mechanic in California. My mother is from the Netherlands and was only planning to stay in the US for a year. I only exist because her car wouldn't start one day.



Areas of responsibility

I wear many hats. Webmaster, web programmer, LDAP administrator, SSO/Identity administrator, general make-weird-systems-work-together dude.


1993 BA Computer Science, Eastern Mennonite College (now Eastern Mennonite University)

Professional experience

1993-1998: Reliacom (now Community IT Innovators)

1999-present: WOU

I didn't plan on being here this long, but the place sort of grew on me.

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