Kim Poage

NTT Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies

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RWEC 159

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MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, emphasis in Deafness, at Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

BA in Psychology at Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

Professional experience

Kim Poage has called Oregon home all her life. Along with her husband and two girls she resides in Salem, Oregon. Since 2009 she has been the Clinical Coordinator for the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program and an adjunct faculty member. Kim has been a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) since 2001. She has enjoyed work in the field of counseling as a State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Program Coordinator for Independent Living Services, Disability Analyst for Disability Determination Services, Mental Health Counselor, and Private Rehabilitation Counselor working with Workers Compensation and Veteran’s Administration. Kim has a passion for empowering students and individuals with disabilities or Deafness to find and succeed in their life’s work. She enjoys working closely with clinical sites in both rehabilitation and mental health counseling settings to find the right fit regarding a student in the clinical coursework phase of the RMHC program.

Graduate courses taught

RC 606 Special Projects: Professional Issues in Deafness
RC 606 Special Projects: Exploring Oregon OVRS Setting
RC 607 Crisis Assessment and Intervention
RC 610 Internship: Rehabilitation Counseling Deafness
RC 610 Internship: Rehabilitation Counseling
RC 620 Professional Orientation to Rehabilitation Services and Resources
RC 621 Job Development, Placement & Retention
RC 632 Psychosocial and Environmental Aspects of Disability in Rehabilitation
RC 650 Ethics and Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling

Undergraduate courses taught

SPED 200 Careers in Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling
ED 370 Special Education and Inclusive Communities
RC 432 Psychosocial and Environmental Aspects of Disability in Rehabilitation

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