Mark Perlman

Department Chair, Philosophy/Religious Studies

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BELL 304

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11-12:30; 3-3:30 11-12:30; 3-3:30  
All Office hours are Online. Additional by appointment.

Course schedule

Fall 2021
11527 PHL398 SPCL STDS A: STAR TREK & PHL MW 1000-1150 WEL 130

Professional experience

Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies: 2001-2, 2003-4, 2005-6, 2007-2008, 2011-12 Humanities Coordinators Committee: 2001-2, 2003-4, 2005-6, 2011-12 Member of the Humanities PRC: 2002-03, 2004-05, 2008-10 Member of Humanities Division Curriculum Committee, 1998-2001 Faculty Advisor to the Philosophy Club, 1998-2004 Faculty Advisor to the Society for Independent Thought Student Club, 2003-05 President of WOU Faculty Union (AFT Local 2278): 2003-2007 Treasurer of WOU Faculty Union (AFT Local 2278): 2000-2003 Member of Contract Bargaining Team for WOU Faculty Union (AFT Local 2278): 2000-2007 Member of WOU Committee for assessment of general education requirements, 2008-present Chair of the Writing Committee of the WOU Strategic Planning Council, 2004 Member of WOU Strategic Planning Council 2003-2004 Member of WOU Faculty Senate 1999-2004, plus Spring 2005 ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR Music Director, Willamette Falls Symphony (Oregon City, OR), 2001-present.

Publications and Presentations

PUBLICATIONS ¿ BOOKS: FUNCTIONS: New Essays in the Philosophy of Psychology and Biology (Oxford University Press, 2002) Co-editor of an anthology, with Robert Cummins and Andre Ariew [Papers on teleological functions. Contributors include Cummins, Millikan, Neander, Ruse, Sterelny, and others, including myself. ] CONCEPTUAL FLUX: Mental Representation, Misrepresentation, and Concept Change In ¿Studies in Cognitive Systems¿, Kluwer Academic Publishers [now Springer Verlag], 2000. PUBLICATIONS ¿ PAPERS: ¿Traits Have Evolved to Function the Way They Do Because of a Past Advantage¿, in Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology edited by Francisco Ayala and Robert Arp. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2009. ¿Changing the Mission of Theories of Teleology¿ in Functions in Biological and Artificial Worlds: Comparative Philosophical Perspectives. Eds.: U. Krohs & P. Kroes, MIT Press, Cambridge Mass., 2008. ¿Authentic Performance of Music: From Bach and Handel to Elvis, Ray Charles, and the Blues Brothers¿ The International Journal of the Arts, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2007. ¿If It Isn't on the Internet, It Doesn't Exist: The New Generation View of Books as Archaic Relics¿, as a chapter in the book The Future of the Book in the Electronic Age, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, 2007. ¿If It Isn't on the Internet, It Doesn't Exist: The New Generation View of Books as Archaic Relics¿, International Journal of the Book. Volume 3, Issue 3, pp.39-44, 2005/2006. ¿The Modern Philosophical Resurrection of Teleology¿, The Monist, Vol. 87, No. 1, January 2004, pp. 3-51. ¿Pagan Teleofunctionalism¿ in Functions: New Readings in the Philosophy of Biology and Psychology, Edited by André Ariew, Robert Cummins, and Mark Perlman. Oxford University Press, 2002. ¿The Trouble With Two-Factor Conceptual Role Theories.¿ Minds and Machines 7: 495-513, 1997. ¿Punishing Acts and Counting Consequences¿ Arizona Law Review, Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring 1995, pp. 227-241.

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