Charles Mueller

NTT Assistant Professor, Music

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Office Hours

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Course schedule

Fall 2022
11183 HNR300 H/E: MUSIC & SOCIAL JUSTICE MW 1600-1720 SH 122


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

            Doctor of Philosophy in Historical Musicology                  December 2008


            Portland State University, Portland, OR                                           

            Master of Arts in Music                                                        June 1999


            Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

            Bachelor of Arts in Music                                                    

Teaching focus

Music History

Historical Musicology

Research areas

Popular music and postmodernism

Popular music and gender

Music and youth subcultures

Songs of World War I

French baroque music

Grants and funding

2007 Florida State University Music Alumni Grant

2006 Presser Foundation Fellowship


Awards and honors

2016-2017 Named Western Oregon University Honors Professor

2015 Gladys Krieble Delmas Visiting Scholar, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

2003 Florida State University College of Music: Malcolm Brown Award for Outstanding                Achievement in Musicology

Graduate courses taught

MUS 680, 681, 682. Graduate Topics in Musicology

Undergraduate courses taught

MUS 360, 361, 362. Music History

Current research

Music and Postmodern theory

The jazz-rock fusion movment

The French baroque to Galant transition

Music and social justice movements

Publications and Presentations



“Blues and Symbolic Exchange” Music and the Arts in Action 2018 (forthcoming)

“Seduction and Subversion: Siouxsie and the Banshees and Postmodern Gender Theory” Symposium: The Journal of the College Music Society. January 2018

“Baudrillard’s Blues” Popular Music 34/2 January 2016

“Virtuosity and Feminine Sign-Play: Jeff Beck's Recent Collaborations with Female Artists” The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies. September 2014.

“Jeff Beck: The Quintessential Postmodern Virtuoso Meets Baudrillard’s Racing Driver and his Double.” Symposium: The Journal of the College Music Society. April 2013.

“Music, English Subcultures and Multitude” Countercultures and Popular Music. Edited by Shelia Whiteley. Ashgate, June 2014.

“Gothicism and English Goth Music: Notes on the Repertoire.” Gothic Studies. Nov 2012

“Les Subcultures britanniques origine des Multitudes?” Volume: La revue des musiques populaires. Vol. 9-1 Sept 2012

“Les reprises gothiques: musique et idéologie.” Volume: La revue des musiques populaires. Vol. 7-1 2010.

“Ivor Gurney and the Poetics of Georgianism.” Ivor Gurney: Poet and Composer. Edited by Kate Kennedy and Trudi Tate. Cambridge University Press, January 2008.



 Jeff Beck: The Virtuoso in Postmodernity. Studies in Popular Music Series, Equinox (forthcoming).



“Historical Performance Practice and Postmodernism.” Musicking 2018: Cultural Considerations, University of Oregon March 2018.

“Guitar Virtuosity and Feminine Sign-Play: Jeff Beck’s Recent Collaborations with Female Artists.” Feminist Theory and Music 11  20th Anniversary, Arizona State University 2011.



“Siouxsie and the Banshees: Gender and Postmodern Theory.” Feminist Theory and Music 10: Improvising and Galvanizing, University of North Carolina Greensboro 2009.

“ Musicology and Subculture Social Theory: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.” The International Association for the Study of Popular Music 2009.

“The Influence of Film Scores on the Music of the Goth Subculture.” Music and the Moving Image, New York University 2008.

“ Ivor Gurney and Georgianism.” Ivor Gurney: Composer and Poet, Cambridge University 2007.

“Seduction and Subversion: Susan Ballion and Postmodern Gender Theory.” The International Association for the Study of the Fantastic in the Arts 2006.

“Brian Warner and Postmodernism.” Extreme Musicology and Folklore, Indiana University 2006.

“Deconstructing Marilyn Manson.” Midwest Graduate Music Consortium 2005.

 “Requiem for Reality: The Postmodern Trajectory of Brian Warner.” City University of New York Symposium on American Music 2005.

“Brain Warner: A Baudrillardian Reading.” American Musicological Society Southern Chapter 2005. 

“Ivor Gurney and the Poetics of War: An Intensification of the Georgian Aesthetic.” American Musicological Society 2004.

“Expression in Heavy Metal: An Investigation and Reevaluation of the Relationship Between Song Texts And Virtuosity” American Musicological Society Southern Chapter 2003.

“The Greatest Fake Book of the Seventeenth Century: Nicola Matteis and The False Consonances of Music” American Musicological Society Southern Chapter 2002.

Professional memberships

The American Musicological Society

The College Music Society

The Ivor Gurney Society

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

The International Association for the Study of Popular Music

The Lute Society of America

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