Kathleen Kenyon


Mx., Deaf Studies & Professional Studies

503-838-9415 | kenyonk@wou.edu
RWEC 158

Why I chose WOU

WOU is a close-knit environment with a dedicated group of people working hard towards positive change for their students and for Oregon. All I want in a workplace is the freedom to work hard for what I believe is good and right. WOU is that place and so much more. I am encouraged and welcomed to contribute positively, passionately, and openly to my field and the academic community at large. Proud to be a Wolf!

At WOU since



Sewing, biking, learning new things (any things!), knitting, getting out with my family and doggos.

Fun fact

I am "recognized" every where I go by people I have never met. I must have "one of those faces," or so people tell me! To date, I have seen or met THREE other humans in the world who look eerily like me.


Syracuse, NY

Favorite book/movie

Movie: V for Vendetta

Office Hours

10am-12pm  12pm-3pm 
Also by appointment

Course schedule

Summer 2020

Areas of responsibility

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education program

  • Full-time Instructional Faculty
  • Assessment Coordinator
  • Clinical Placement Coordinator
  • Clinical Supervisor


National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology
MS in Secondary Education for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

State University of New York at Oswego
BS in Secondary Education, content: English Language Arts
BA English Literature

Teaching focus

Deaf Education: pedagogy, methods, and clinical practice

Graduate courses taught

ED 611 Theories of Teaching and Learning
SPED 646 Special Education Law
DHHE 629 Advocacy in Deaf Education
DHHE 630 Introduction to Research in Deaf Education
DHHE 643 Instructional Methods and Strategies in Deaf Education
DHHE 644 Curriculum Development and Methods in Deaf Edcuation
DHHE 645 Language and Literacy Development in Deaf Education
DHHE 646 Assessment Principles and Practices in Deaf Education
DHHE 647 Classroom and Behavior Management in Deaf Education
DHHE 651 Law and Ethics in Deaf Education
DHHE 654 Case Management for Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf
DHHE 655 Technology in Deaf Education
DHHE 656 Educational Environments for Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf
DHHE 639/640 Student Teaching I and II

Professional memberships

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)


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