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Associate Professor, Psychological Sciences Department

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Why I chose WOU

Small classes means the ability to really get to know students, which is important to me. Plus the campus is beautiful!

At WOU since



Hiking, baking, reading, trying new restaurants with friends

Fun fact

I auditioned for The Amazing Race with my friend (they did not call us back).


Honolulu, HI

Office Hours

11-noon2:00 - 3:00 2:30 - 4:302:00 - 3:00
On Zoom. Appointments:

Course schedule

Fall 2022
10668 PSY450 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY TR 1000-1150 WEL 136
10958 PSY550 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY TR 1000-1150 WEL 136
10665 PSY403 PEER ADVISING M 1600-1650 TODD 106


Areas of responsibility

I teach undergraduate courses in psychology, provide academic advising to psychology majors, and am the faculty advisor for the Psychology Peer Advisors, Psi Chi (psychology honor society), and Hawaii Club. I am also a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee

What you will do and learn in my courses

My classes are experiential in nature and focus on developing student's helping skills and empathy related to mental health issues. 


 Undergraduate: Pomona College, BA in Psychology

Graduate: University of Oregon, M.S. and PhD in Psychology

Clinical Internship: Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center


Teaching focus

Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology

Research areas

Emerging Adulthood, Culture, Mental Health, Disparities.

Co-Director of the CREW (Culture, Resilience, Equity and Well-Being) lab with Dr. Kathy Espino-Perez

Grants and funding

National Science Foundation - 2037490: Build and Broaden: Promoting Access to Graduate Education in Social Sciences

Western Oregon University Faculty Develpment Grants

Qualtrics Behavioral Research Grant


Awards and honors

Asian American Psychological Association Student Leadership Award 

University of Oregon Graduate Student Commencement Speaker 

UO Norman D. Sundberg Fellowship 

American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award 

Asian American Psychological Association Dissertation Award 

Asian American Psychological Association Travel Award

UO Henry V. Howe Scholarship 

APA/SAMHSA Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services Fellowship 

UO Graduate Education Committee Training Award 

Asian American Psychological Association Best Poster 

UO Clarence & Lucille Dunbar Scholarship 

UO Graduate School Research Award 

UO Promising Scholar Award 

Graduate courses taught

PSY 525: Drug and Alcohol Assessment

PSY 527: Crisis Assessment and Intervention

PSY 550: Psychopathology

Undergraduate courses taught

PSY 202: General Psychology

PSY 403: Peer Advising

PSY 407: Seminar in Clinical Psychology (offered every other year)

PSY 423: Interviewing and Appraisal

PSY 425: Drug and Alcohol Assessment

PSY 427: Crisis Assessment and Intervention

PSY 450: Psychopathology


Publications and Presentations


Ibaraki, A. Y. (2021). A call to action for psychology in the wake of anti-Asian violence. Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research, 26, 78-81.

Hall, G. C. N., Kim-Mozeleski, J. E., Zane, N. W., Sato, H., Huang, E. R., Tuan, M., & Ibaraki, A. Y. (2019). Cultural adaptations of psychology: Therapists’ application of conceptual models with Asian and Asian Americans. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 10, 68-78.

Hall, G. C. N., Ibaraki, A.Y., Huang, E. R., Marti, N., & Stice, E. (2016). A meta-analysis of cultural adaptations of psychological intervention. Behavioral Therapy, 47, 993-1014. 

Hall, G. C. N. & Yee, A. (2015). Multicultural Issues. In C. Nezu & A. Nezu (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (pp. 465-481). New York: Oxford University Press.

 Ibaraki, A. Y., Hall, G. C. N., & Sabin, J. A. (2014). Asian American cancer disparities: The potential effects of model minority health stereotypes. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 5, 75–81.

Ibaraki, A. Y., & Hall, G. C. N. (2014). The components of cultural match in psychotherapy.  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 33, 938-955.

Hall, G. C. N. & Yee, A. H. (2014). Evidence-Based Practice. In F. T. L. Leong, L. Comas-Diaz, G.C.N. Hall, V. McLoyd, & J. Trimble (Eds.), Handbook of multicultural psychology, Vol. 2: Applications and training (pp. 59-79). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Goto, S. G., Yee, A., Lowenberg, K., & Lewis, R. S. (2013). Cultural differences in sensitivity to social context: Detecting affective incongruity using the N400. Social Neuroscience, 8, 63-74. doi:10.1080/17470919.2012.739202

Hall, G. C. N., & Yee, A. H. (2012). U.S. mental health policy: Addressing the neglect of Asian Americans. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 3(3), 181–193. doi:10.1037/a0029950

Goto, S. G., Ando, Y., Huang, C., Yee, A., & Lewis, R. S. (2010). Cultural differences in the visual processing of meaning: detecting incongruities between background and foreground objects using the N400. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 5(2-3), 242–53. doi:10.1093/scan/nsp038



Student presentations

* = mentored student

Ibaraki, A. Y., Manoogian, M. & Cedra-Lezama, S*. (2021, July 8-10). Sources and impact of family conflict in Latina college students. [Paper presentation]. 6th Biennial APA Division 45 Research Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.

Ibaraki, A. Y., Manoogian, M. & Manriquez, A*. (2020, April 28-30). Pattern of conflict during emerging adulthood in a diverse sample [Poster presentation]. Western Psychological Association Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Cedra-Lezama, S.*, Concepcion, K*., Manriquez, A*., Guerrero, C*., Manoogian, M., & Ibaraki, A. Y. (2020, May 28). Understanding Intergenerational Conflict [Paper presentation]. Academic Excellence Showcase, Monmouth, OR..

Guerrero, C*., Concepcion, K*., Manriquez, A*., Cedra-Lezama, S*.,Manoogian, M., & Ibaraki, A. Y. (2020, April 10). My parents and me: Parent-child relationships [Interactive session canceled due to COVID-19]. Caesar Chavez Leadership Conference, Monmouth, OR..

Manriquez, A*. & Ibaraki, A.Y. (2020, February 29). Intergenerational conflict surrounding dating and marriage among White and Latinx emerging adults [Paper presentation]. Annual Meeting of the Oregon Academy of Sciences, Portland, OR.

Professional memberships

APA Div 2: Society for the Teaching of Psychology

APA Div 45: Society of the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race

Asian American Psychological Association

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