Chloe Hughes


Professor, Education & Leadership

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RWEC 128

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Winter 2023



Ph.D. in Education: University of Brighton, U.K. in collaboration with Oregon Health & Sciences University, U.S.A.
Post Master’s Research Fellowship (Assistive Technology/AAC): Oregon Health & Sciences University, U.S.A.
M.A. in Education: University of Brighton, U.K.
P.G.C.E. (Post Graduate Certificate of Education): University of Sussex, U.K.
B.A. with Honors (French and French studies): University of Sussex, U.K.

Professional experience

I am the coordinator of the Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Teach Education Program.
My major interests and areas of expertise within teacher education are:
·       Language and Literacy Education
·       Diversity and Equity Issues in the Classroom
·       Multicultural and Peace Education
·       Disability, Ableism and Inclusion Issues in Schools and Society


Graduate courses taught

ED 667 also 5/467: Language Development and Reading
ED 5/437: Literacy: Inquiry, Theory and Informed Practice
ED 509M/ ED 609M: MAT (Student Teaching Supervision)
ED 618M (WebCT Class): MAT  Multiple Intelligences and Multicultural Education
READ 509 M (WebCT Class) CREADE Reading Endorsement Practicum
ED607: Writing Instruction in the Elementary Classroom
ED 609: Reading Endorsement Practicum

Undergraduate courses taught

ED 374: Teaching Writing in the Elementary Classroom
ED 411, 412 and 413: Field Experience
ED 426W, 427W, 428W and 429: Professional Development Seminar
ED 433W: Human Development
ED 442: Emergent Literacy
ED 442W: Human Development through Literacy
ED 443: Developing Literacy
ED 444: Fluency in Literacy
ED 446D: Environments for Diverse Learners
ED 461D: Differentiated Instruction
ED 498: Term IV (Student Teaching Supervision)

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