Kathy Espino Perez

Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences Department

503-838-9424 | espinoperezk@wou.edu
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Course schedule

Spring 2020
31542 PSY334 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY MW 1000-1150 BELL 111
31544 PSY334 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY TR 1200-1350 BELL 111


University of California, Santa Barbara                                              

Ph.D. in Social Psychology

Advisor: Brenda Major

Dissertation: “The Impact of Intergroup Suspicion on Ethnic Minorities’ Sense of Identity Compatibility and Belonging at University


California State University, Northridge                                                    

M.A. in General Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology

Advisor: Debbie S. Ma

Master’s Thesis: “The Role of Prototypic Physical Features in Racial Identification


California State University, Northridge                                                                

B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Chicano Studies

Cum Laude

Undergraduate courses taught

Introductory Psychology

Social Psychology

Introduction to Research Methods

Current research

Our nation is becoming increasingly diverse. Recent projections estimate that racial/ethnic minorities will compose the majority of the U.S. population by 2050 (Colby & Ortman, 2015). The bulk of my work examines how the increasing level of diversity in the United States may influence cross-race interactions, the racial categorization of racially ambiguous group members, and the social perception of individuals who possess multiple social identities. I am seeking research assistants for my lab in Fall 2019; please email me at espinoperezk@wou.edu for more information!

Publications and Presentations

Espino-Pérez, K. Major, B., & Malta, B. (2018). Was it race or merit?: The cognitive costs of observing the attributionally ambiguous hiring of a minority. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.  (link)


Chen, J.M., Geerling, D.M., Norman, J.B., Espino-Pérez, K., & Gable, S.L. (under review). In good times and bad: Social support from faculty and peers predicts STEM Doctoral students’ outcomes.


Prather, A.A., Gordon, A.M., Dover, T., Espino-Pérez, K., Small, P. & Major, B. (under review). Impact of perceived and anticipated discrimination on global sleep quality among Latinx young adults.


Kiang, L., Espino-Pérez, K., & Stein, G. (under review). Discrimination, skin color satisfaction, and adjustment among Latinx American youth.


Kunstman, J.W., Fitzpatrick, C.B., Moreno, R., Bernstein, M.J., Hugenberg, K., Semko, S., Major, B., & Espino-Pérez, K. (under review). Suspicion in the classroom: Suspicion of instructor motives undermine classroom dynamics for Black college students.

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