Claudia Costagliola

NTT Assistant Professor, Modern Languages

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BELL 324

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Santiago, Chile.

Office Hours

  10:00 - 11:50 10:00 - 11:50 
Additional office hours by appointment through email/Zoom.

Course schedule

Fall 2022
10620 SPAN201 SECOND YEAR SPANISH I TR 1600-1750 BELL 107
10622 SPAN301 THIRD YEAR SPANISH I TR 1200-1350 BELL 107


PhD. Latin American Literature, University of Florida.

M.A. Latin American Literature, University of Florida.

B.A. Hispanic Language and Literature, Universidad de Chile.


Research areas

Queer Theory

World Pandemics + Biopower

Gender + Sexuality

Latin American Literature


Publications and Presentations

Book: Costagliola, Claudia A. El sida en la literatura cuir/queer latinoamericana [Aids in Latin American Cuir / Queer Literature]. Santiago: Cuarto Propio, 2017. 256 pp. ISBN 9789-5626

AIDS in Latin American Cuir / Queer Literature proposes that AIDS, as a physical illness, transcends into a textual illness. Through this lens, the act of writing acquires a performative power; and to such extent, that fiction becomes politicized through the AIDS discourse. This permeable capacity of discourse provides access to other marginalized discourses, strengthening their critical potential and, therefore, resistance. Throughout the reading of a selection of the literary work of Reinaldo Arenas (Cuba), Pedro Lemebel (Chile), Pablo Pérez (Argentina), Fernando Vallejo (Colombia), and Daniel Link (Argentina); it is proposed that the cuir / queer literature dealing with AIDS, emerges from a testimonial discourse illustrated through a mixture of diverse literary genres and different space-time scenarios blurring the line between fiction and non-fiction. Finally, this work suggests that this phenomenon forces cuir / queer literature to question itself and its own relationship with society, where aesthetic and ethics become a singularity. 

My Book Presentations:

11/8/2017: Ana G. Méndez University - Orlando, Florida:

11/10/2017: University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida:

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