Jennifer Bracy


Associate Professor, Art

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OED 222

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Making art & crafts, sometimes from materials I find combing the environment; camping; travel; exploring local craft breweries; chilling with my cat.

Fun fact

I was born in Washington DC



Office Hours

10–11:30am, 12–2:30pm  3:30–4:30pm 

Course schedule

Spring 2020
30730 A429 PORTFOLIO & PROFESSIONAL PREP TR 0900-1145 ED 105

Areas of responsibility

I teach several studio classes in the Visual Communication Design program, primarily upper division, and also the History of Graphic Design. I occasionally teach a 100-level art & design class geared toward non-majors. I also assist with curriculum development, advising students, and serve the larger university community on committees and boards.

What you will do and learn in my courses

Most of my classes are hands-on Graphic Design classes with much focus on understanding the creative process: blending theory, critical & contextual thinking, and skills for concept development. My studio classes help Art & Design students learn how to practice Graphic Design for personal and professional projects.


I am a graphic designer with 15 years experience in higher education. I have a passion for logo design, typography, and graphic design history. My personal and professional research and interests include signs & symbols, collage, tattoo art, sustainability, and social justice. Portland, Oregon, has been home since 2006 and I couldn't be happier anywhere other than this amazing city.

Teaching focus

I love logo & identity design, the history of design, and professional practice concerns for designers. Much of what I teach is how to come up with and develop great concepts for print design, whether that be logos, posters, books, or packages.

Research areas

My personal research has delved into signs & symbols – origins, history, how they can cross barriers of language for universal communication, etc. I'm also interested in how Graphic Designers think and get inspiration.

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