Ted Beers

Faculty Instructor, Computer Science Division

503-838-9226 | beerst@wou.edu
OED 232

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At WOU since


Office Hours

Schedule and Guidance: wou.edu/~beerst

Areas of responsibility

General Guidance

  • Program Pathways: Information System 2020-21/2018-19-20/2017-18  |  Computer Scienc 2019-20
  • "Add" or "Substitution"? Complete online form for your instructor or advisor's approval
  • Advising? Prepare your plans and questions for next term and beyond, then see your advisor
  • Personal request? Submit it at the top of your Moodle course page (if available)

*Appointment Request

  • Request an online appointment (preferred) or choose walk-in hours from Office Hours above
  • Make your request at your Moodle course page, if available
  • Otherwise, email beerst@wou.edu with your request; include your full name and V#

Extra Support

Term References

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