Course Evaluation Schedule

Fall Winter Spring
Evaluation system opens Week 9
Icon on students’ portal page by 12am
Sun 11/21/2020 Sun 2/27/2021 Sun 5/22/2021
Evaluation system closes 5pm on the Monday after finals Mon 12/13/2020 Mon 3/21/2021 Mon 6/13/2021
Access to data opens no later than 12pm Thu 12/16/2020 Thu 3/24/2021 Thu 6/16/2021



An automated email will be sent to students to alert them when the evaluation system opens. They will also receive reminder emails (only if they haven’t completed their evaluations.

Faculty will also receive an automated email when the system opens, as well as an email when the system is closed and results are available.

Note: Emails are only generated for students enrolled in at least one eligible class and faculty listed as the primary instructor on at least one eligible class.

Not all classes are included in the official WOU evaluation system). Examples of classes not included:

  • Classes with fewer than six students, in order to protect student privacy and confidentiality.
  • The lab sections of a course. For instance, BIO 101L is not included, but the corresponding lecture section, BIO 101, is part of the evaluation process



Office of Academic Affairs

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