Course Scheduling Guidance, 2023-24

General Guidance and FAQs

How were the allocations determined?

A wide range of data was evaluated in making the allocations. The majority of the data is consolidated in each program group’s data sheet, linked in the next section.

As you consider this data, keep in mind that the metric of 12 students in a class as a “break-even” point was created when our enrollment was higher. Many of our costs are fixed: they don’t vary in proportion to our enrollment. For instance, whether our headcount is 5,000 or 3,000, the same amount of work is required to prepare and file required government reports. A more current metric to use is 15 students in a class (or 15 credit hours per workload hour).

For the Program and General Education allocations, the following information from Fall 2018–Fall 2022 was considered:

  • Average course enrollments. 1
  • Total credit hours. 1
  • Total workload hours and ratio to credit hours. 1
  • Number of majors, both in total and by class standing. 1
  • Course capacities. 1
  • Total number of sections. 1
  • Program requirements. 2
  • Number of sections per course per year. 3
  • The overall enrollment levels and trends at WOU. 4

The data was reviewed at the program level (aggregated and/or averaged) and, where applicable, by type of course (e.g. lower/upper/grad level; Gen Ed).

Where to find the data listed above:

  1. Data sheet for each program, as linked below.
  2. Official WOU catalog.
  3. Class schedule. Accessible in multiple locations, including the online class schedule, Banner (SSASECQ), and Cognos.
  4. Instructional Research Office.

Course Releases

Type Determined by ETA
Division chair Appointment to role is determined by division by-laws. Included (based on 2022-23 division chairs)
Dean’s releases College Deans Included
Faculty development awards Faculty Development Committee (category 4 & 5 awards) February 2023
Faculty senate president* Elected by faculty senate. May 2023
Other leadership roles (e.g. IRB chair)* Varies; usually appointed by supervisor or elected by board/committee. May 2023
Committee leadership roles* Elected by members of applicable committee. June 2023

* These releases are included in the “Provost Releases” category.

Instructional Service

Instructional service refers to courses that are a required part of a major in one program group, but have to be taught by another program group. These courses are generally not part of the curriculum for majors in the program group that teaches the course.

The allocations listed below are preliminary: If you find errors or missing courses, please email the information to

Note: You must be logged into your WOU portal for the instructional service list to display.

General Education

Specific course counts for the individual Gen Ed categories are not yet available, but programs are expected to work with their college dean to offer Gen Ed courses based on demand and major requirements across the college (e.g., even if a Gen Ed course in your program always fills, it wouldn’t be appropriate to add sections if there are other, lower-enrolled courses in that category that need to run to serve major requirements).

Allocations and Data

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Subject Group Subjects 2023-24 Allocations Subject Group Data
Anthropology ANTH Allocations Data Sheet
Art A, ARE Allocations Data Sheet
Biology BI Allocations Data Sheet
Business BA, ENT Allocations Data Sheet
Chemistry CH Allocations Data Sheet
Communication Studies COM Allocations Data Sheet
Computer Science Div CS, DATA, IS Allocations Data Sheet
Criminal Justice Sciences CIE, CJ, JS Allocations Data Sheet
Dance D Allocations Data Sheet
Earth Science ES, GS Allocations Data Sheet
Economics EC Allocations Data Sheet
Education CSE, ED, FS, SPED Allocations Data Sheet
English Studies ENG, HUM, LING, LIT, WR Allocations Data Sheet
Exercise Science EXS, PE Allocations Data Sheet
German FR, GL Allocations Data Sheet
Gerontology GERO Allocations Data Sheet
History HST Allocations Data Sheet
Interpreting Studies ASL, INT Allocations Data Sheet
Math & Physics MTH, PH Allocations Data Sheet
Music MUE, MUEN, MUP, MUS Allocations Data Sheet
Organizational Leadership OL Allocations Data Sheet
Philosophy PHL, R Allocations Data Sheet
Politics, Policy & Administration PS Allocations Data Sheet
Psychology PSY Allocations Data Sheet
Public Health HE Allocations Data Sheet
Rehabilitation Counseling RC Allocations Data Sheet
Sociology SOC, SSC Allocations Data Sheet
Spanish SPAN Allocations Data Sheet
Sustainability GEOG, SUST Allocations Data Sheet
Theatre TA Allocations Data Sheet