Physics MINOR

Mission: Foster small group active learning environment in which students explore and discover the laws of physics in a state of the art laboratory. Students develop connections that link fundamental concepts in physics with phenomena covered in their biology, chemistry, and Earth science classes. Provide out-of-classroom experiences in space science and teacher training through WOU’s membership in the NASA/Oregon Space Grant Consortium.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Apply reasoning and problem solving skills to scientific investigations.

2. Combine graphical and numeric information to produce mathematical models.

3. Proficiently instruct high school level students in physics theory and applications.



Associate Professor: William Schoenfeld

Physics minor…………………………… 27

PH 211, 212, 213 General Physics with Calculus (12)

PH 311, 312 Introduction to Modern Physics (8)

Upper division chemistry, physics, or mathematics electives (7)

[SECTION=Physics Courses]

PH 201, 202, 203 General Physics (12)

The study of mechanics, heat, sound, optics, electricity, magnetism and topics in modern physics. Three lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: MTH 112 or above; a grade of C or better in PH 201 for admittance into PH 202; a grade of C or better in PH 202 for admittance into PH 203

203 PH 211, 212, 213 General Physics with Calculus (12)

Fundamental principles and applications of classical mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism, wave motion and optics. For students in pre-engineering and the natural sciences. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory period. Prerequisite: MTH 251 (can be taken concurrently)

PH 311, 312 Introduction to Modern Physics (8)

Physical theories and research of the 20th century, including theories of relativity and quantum-wave mechanics, electrons and X rays, atomic spectra and structure, solid-state physics, low temperature physics, nuclear physics and fundamental particle physics. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory period. Prerequisite: PH 213

PH 470 Selected Topics in Physics (1-3) Topics of special interest such as cosmology, relativity, medical and radiation physics, and biophysics.

PH 681, 682 Modern Physics (3 each) A survey of the developments in physics since 1895. Topics include relativity and quantum mechanics, solid-state and low temperature physics, cosmic rays, and fundamental particles and forces. Three lectures. Prerequisites: one year each of college mathematics and physics; offered during summer session






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