Reporting and Supporting

WOU Community Members

Western Oregon University takes issues of sex and gender-based misconduct, sexual violence and relationship violence very seriously. This page describes the Sex or Gender Based Misconduct Reporting Form, how to report potential misconduct and some measures to support individuals impacted by potential misconduct. 

The Sex or Gender Based Misconduct Reporting Form is used to gather information regarding the incidences of sex and gender-based misconduct and bias within our university community. This information provided also helps us understand the campus climate at WOU, campus, and to help WOU staff plan a response to misconduct within our university community.

It is not necessary for you to be a survivor to complete this form.

How do I submit a report form?

  • Complete the online form.
  • Complete the form, and submit it electronically via email:
  • Print the form, then place mail or deliver it to:
    Western Oregon University, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Lieuallen Administration Building, 302, Monmouth, OR 97361
  • Pick up a yellow paper copy of the reporting form from offices such as Abby’s House and Campus Public Safety to complete and turn in to those offices, they will route it to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or you can drop off the form directly using the information provided above.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form does NOT constitute a police report nor a student conduct report. To file an official report for criminal action, call Campus Public Safety at 503-838-8481;, the Monmouth Police Department at 503-838-1109 or the Independence Police Department at 503-838-1214. To file a student conduct report, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 503-838-8930; email:

Who Can Submit the Report Form?

  • Any person who is aware of potential sex and/or gender-based misconduct
  • Survivor or victim
  • Witness or observer
  • Roommate or housemate
  • Family member
  • Partner
  • Friend

PLEASE NOTE: Potential incidents of sex and/or gender-based misconduct may be submitted anonymously. However, the exception to this is when reports are submitted by a responsible employee, the responsible employee must disclose their name and contact information.  

Some forms of sexual misconduct and relationship violence, may include, but are not limited to:  considered sexual misconduct and relationship violence?

  • Non-consensual sexual contact of any kind
  • The attempt to have non-consensual sexual contact or
  • The threat of such contact
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Emotional/psychological abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking

Sexual contact means touching of any private body part, including, but not limited to: genitalia, buttocks, anus or breasts of another or causing such person to touch genitalia, anus, buttocks or breasts of another.

Some examples of when sexual contact is considered non-consensual include, but are not limited to:

  • No clear consent is freely given
  • The person is substantially impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • The person is otherwise without the physical or mental capacity to give clear consent

General Reporting Options

  • You can make a police report to the Monmouth Police Department (503-838-1109) or the Independence Police Department (503-838-1214). Even if you do not want to pursue criminal charges at this time, you can always make a police report to have this information on file. Police reports are eventually accessible by Public Records Requests and could be accessed in the future.
  • You can make a report to Campus Public Safety,, 503-838-8481.  If you do not want formal action to be taken, your report will remain private and only shared with key university personnel (e.g.,Title IX Coordinator) unless the University must take actions for reasons of safety.
  • You can file a report with the Office of Student Conduct,, 503-838-8930.  If you do not want formal action to be taken, your report will remain private and only shared with key university personnel (e.g., Title IX Coordinator) unless the University must take actions for reasons of safety.
  • If the incident involves WOU faculty or staff, you can file a complaint with the Office of Human Resources,, 503-838-8490.
  • You can file a report with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office, which includes WOU’s Title IX Coordinator,, 503-838-8002.
  • You can file a Sex and Gender-Based Misconduct and Bias Incident Reporting Form.  Unless you provide your name or the name of the alleged perpetrator, this information will only be used for the purpose of statistical reporting.
  • Even if you don’t want to file a police report, we recommend you seek immediate medical attention.  A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will help ensure that you are healthy, provide options to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, and collect valuable evidence that may be useful in the future, even if you are unsure about pursuing legal action now.  Physical evidence can only be collected up to 84 hours after an assault, but a survivor in Oregon has six years to decide whether to pursue a criminal case without DNA evidence and 12 years WITH DNA evidence (or six and 12 years respectively after one’s 18th birthday if the assault was unreported and took place prior to the survivor turning 18).The medical exam and follow up visits are free, even if you do not report the assault to the police.

Conficential Student Support Resources

Employee Support Resource

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling and referral service that is provided to WOU employees as a pre-paid benefit. Three referral/counseling visits are available at no charge to WOU employees, household members, and dependents per year to help with personal or job-related issues. This service is completely confidential and operates separately from the University.