Are you seeking a withdrawal for medical-related reasons?

If you are withdrawing for medical reasons related to your physical/mental health, submit a medical withdrawal request with supporting documentation to the Vice President for Student Affairs office.

If you have questions –  before filing out this form, please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs office at 503-838-8221 or email to discuss options for withdrawing for medical reasons that include grade and financial accommodations. When emailing the Vice President, please include “Medical Withdrawal Request” in the subject line.

Medical Withdrawal Details

A student may request a medical withdrawal from the university without being responsible for grades at any point during the academic term. Based on the information presented, the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students will determine whether to grant this request. A student may also apply for a retroactive medical withdraw (withdrawing from a previous term) without academic penalty only if mitigating circumstances existed (accident, prolonged illness, etc.), preventing the student from applying for medical withdrawal at the time.  Verification, with supporting documentation (information from a licensed medical or mental health provider which are also accompanied by an official letter from the provider) stating inability to attend classes for an extended period of time must be submitted in both cases for consideration. Generally a student will not be granted a medical withdrawal for a situation over a full year old. An appeal process is available in any case where a medical withdrawal is denied. A student is allowed up to two approved medical withdrawals during their time at WOU. Refunds are only allowed on the first medical withdrawal requested.

If it is within weeks 1 through 7 of the term and you intend to withdraw regardless of the outcome of your medical request, please login to Wolf Web and drop/withdraw all courses. Prompt action will ensure your academic and financial record reflect the earliest withdrawal date possible.

 If you do not intend to withdraw unless your medical request is approved you should remain enrolled in your courses and be prepared to complete the term should your request not be approved. Be aware that if the request is not approved and you decide to withdraw at that time, the academic and financial outcome will reflect the date that you withdrew.

  • Complete the online medical withdrawal form
  • Gather all supporting documentation and upload it with the online form
  • All determinations related to the medical withdrawal will be based upon the date the form is received.

Financial aid recipients granted a medical withdrawal before the 60% point of the term may be required to repay some or all of the aid they received for the term.  Students earn aid based on the number of days in attendance each term.  All dropped/withdrawn courses require documentation of class attendance in order to maintain aid eligibility, prior to any aid recalculation.  Additional information about withdrawing and financial aid is available online at or in the Financial Aid Office. 

Tuition and fee refunds are based on a refund schedule established by Western Oregon University. A copy of the refund schedule is available from the Office of Business Services during normal business hours or online at

Students granted a medical withdrawal during the current term will generally receive the refund amount the step higher than the posted schedule. For example, if a student receives a medical withdrawal during the term when the posted refund schedule provides a 25% refund, the student will receive the next step up or a 50% refund.  The largest refund a student will receive after the first week of classes is 87.5%. The University Bursar may consider exceptions when properly evidenced mitigating circumstances exist.

 If the medical withdrawal results in a refund, the refund will be applied to accounts due to the Western Oregon University. The remaining balance, if any, will be sent to the student. Refunds are only allowed on the first medical withdrawal requested.