Information for Confirmed Presenters

Thank you for agreeing to present at the 29th Annual César E. Chávez Leadership Conference at Western Oregon University.  We appreciate your time and efforts, this conference would not be possible without your support. Below is room and set up information to help you prepare for the conference. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience.


Presenter and Guest check-in will take place in the lobby of the New Physical Education Building. You can find a map of the WOU campus here. Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your first session. At check-in you will receive your packet and name tags. WOU volunteers will be available to show you your room and help with any technological needs.

For parking information, please refer to your confirmation email.

Audio Visual Needs

Presenters who requested in advance (speaker form) an AV need have been schedule in a SMART classroom. These rooms are equipped with:

  • Screen
  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Document Camera (instead of traditional overhead)
  • CD/DVD Player (on the computer)

They do not have:

  • TV
  • VCR
  • Flip Chart/Markers

We ask that you DO NOT bring your own equipment (that includes laptops, LCD projectors, etc.) that you expect to connect or use with our campus equipment, as you most likely will not have the correct cables to connect these items appropriately and we will not have the staff available, nor the time between session, to set these things up in advance.

Presenters planning to show a “movie” should bring it as a DVD. You can play it on the computer and it will be projected on the screen.

ALL classrooms should have Dry Erase Board and/or Chalkboard. However, they might not have dry erase markers or chalk so please plan to bring your own if you would like to use these. Speakers should plan on using these items instead of flipchart/markers (unless they bring one of their own). If you only requested a screen, please note that your only option may be a blank wall as we tried to reserve the SMART Classrooms for folks who had additional AV needs.

Computer Login:  A login is required to use the SMART room computers. You will receive a temporary login when you check in the morning of the conference at the Presenter Check-In table located in the NPE Gym Lobby.  (Note: the NPE is the building where we will have the opening and closing sessions.)

Thumb-drive/CD Recommended: presenters who are planning to show a PowerPoint presentation or materials on screen are encouraged to bring it on a thumb-drive or CD.

Finally, if for some reason you don’t have the equipment that you needed, if you are unable to logon, or if you cannot get your information loaded; we ask that you please be prepared to continue with your presentation without those tools (perhaps have a Plan B ready!).  Our sessions are only 50 minutes long and there are folks presenting in rooms all across campus at the same time.  Unfortunately, we do not have the man power to individually help you get set up; it would simply take too long.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

Once again thank you for your involvement!