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Isidore Lobnibe

Professor, Anthropology

(503) 838-8306 | lobnibei@wou.edu | BELL 201B | On Sabbatical

Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2007 (Anthropology)

M.A., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2002 (Anthropology)

B.A. Diploma of Education, University of Cape Coast 1995

Research: I am a Socio-cultural anthropologist trained in the historical tradition, specializing in Ghana/ West Africa. My research interests include the peasant economy; agrarian and environmental systems, labor migration, political economy, social organization, historiography, popular culture and the Black diaspora. I conducted my most recent field research among northern Ghanaian migrant farmers in villages of south-central Ghana, which resulted in my doctoral dissertation. I had earlier also participated in several anthropological projects on Dagara settlement history and earthshine boundaries in northwestern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso under the direction of Professor Carola Lentz. Currently, I am embarking on a major research project on the ethnography of prison farms and labor in Ghana.


Teaching: the courses I teach are Cultural Anthropology, Transnational Migration, Africa, Africa through Film, and Ethnographic Methods. I am also developing a course in Transnational Islam in Europe and the US.







Department of Anthropology

503-838-8306| or e-mail: lobnibei@wou.edu