The African Studies Committee is an informal group of students, staff, and faculty at Western Oregon University who are interested in Africa and African Studies. The committee encourages teaching and scholarship on Africa, with the goal of educating the campus and local community about Africa. The committee provides information about resources at Western Oregon University, including faculty and staff members with expertise in African studies, study abroad programs, internships, course offerings, and films. The committee also seeks funding to expand African studies resources and organizes campus and local community events pertaining to Africa. In addition, the committee supports faculty and student research on Africa and facilitates dissemination of research through the regularly held lectures and seminars.


Isidore Lobnibe, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Vivian Djokotoe, Professor of Criminal Justice

Robin Smith, Professor of Anthropology

Kit Andrews, Professor of English

Diane Baxter, Professor of Music

Nicole Engel Allen, Student

Wangeci “Margaret” Gatimu, Associate Professor of Education

Ligali Harruna, Student

Gwenda Rice, Professor of Education Emeritus

Narasingha “Ram” Sil, Professor of History Emeritus

Darryl Thomas, Associate Professor of Dance

Courtney Doss, Student

Jaime Lopez Pinedo, Student

Kristel Skaltelstad, Student

Sarah G, Student

Emily Plec, Professor of Communication Studies

Elisa Maroney, Professor of Special Education

Conner M Rapkoch, Student

Mariah Perryman, Student

If you want to join the African Studies Committee, send an email to Isidore Lobnibe at


Conner M Rapkoch completed an IE3 Global Internship in South Africa last spring. He writes eloquently of his work and experiences there, and has invited us to share this story with our readers.


ANTH 380D: Africa (offered every year)

ANTH 381: African Film & Society (offered every year)

ENG 407: West African Literature

GEOG 432D: Geography of Africa

HST 442 North Africa and the World

HST 443 Jewish North Africa

HST 444 Colonial North Africa

HST 445 Postcolonial North Africa

SOC 434D: African-American Studies: Social Issues, Social Movements


Western Oregon University currently has study abroad programs and/or internships in Ghana, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Please contact Ermie Buncal:

Ermie Buncal, Assistant Director
Study Abroad and International Exchanges
Western Oregon University
Maaske 122
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth, OR 97361


Tel. 503 838-8905
FAX 503 838-8338


To receive notice of upcoming African Studies Committee meetings and activities, send an email to Isidore Lobnibe at with the message “Please add me to the African_studies_committee mailing list”. Include your name and email.


Department of Anthropology

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