Political Science

Students who want to make a career of investigating, addressing and solving political and social problems will find a major in political science equips them for the future. If you think law school might be in your future, this is the ideal bachelor’s degree to earn. It will prepare you by teaching you civil competence along with the opportunity to examine ethical issues, values and the consequences of public policy based on those values.

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Learning outcomes

  • Critically analyze political problems
  • Understand the structure and processes of local, state, national and foreign governments
  • Develop skills in research, writing, public outreach, advocacy and leadership

Career opportunities

  • Foreign service officer
  • Policy analyst
  • City manager
  • Political advocate/lobbyist
  • Elected official
  • Public reporter

Political Science minor

Get to know all things government by selecting this minor, which goes nicely with WOU’s International Studies major. You’ll also gain a good base of knowledge about public policy and administration, which is great for students who might see a political career in their future.

credits required for the Political Science minor



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