Interpreting Studies: Theory, B.S./M.A. Theory and Practice

In WOU’s Interpreting Studies 4+1 program, students will spend their first four years earning a bachelor’s degree with a focus on broad interpreting theory, then finish up in just one year to a master’s degree (this usually takes two years!). You’ll take classes in subjects such as language acquisition, ethics, linguistics, Deaf culture and history, and intrapersonal dynamics to gain the skills you need to enter the workforce as a professional interpreter.

credits required for the Interpreting Studies major and 45 credits required for the master's

students enrolled in the Interpreting Studies 4+1 program

students per class on average in the Interpreting Studies 4+1 program


of master's degree can be completed as an undergrad at WOU

Sample four-year degree plan

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the academic foundation and world knowledge essential to understand and navigate the world
  • Develop critical analysis skills including situational assessment, ethical reasoning, cultural intelligence, and research methods
  • Integrate academic foundation, world knowledge, critical analysis skills, communication skills, and language fluency by engaging meaningfully, collaboratively, and intentionally in communicative interactions.

Career opportunities

  • In-house interpreter for a corporation
  • Interpreter in government settings
  • Medical/Mental health interpreter
  • Interpreter in performing arts settings
  • Social services interpreter for underserved populations



Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Program Co-Coordinator, Professor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Program Co-Coordinator, Professor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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