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American Sign Language Studies

In earning your Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language Studies, you will learn to transmit your knowledge of ASL in a way that promotes respect for deaf culture, deaf history and the deaf community. You will not only continue to hone your ASL skills, but you will also study areas such as linguistics, language acquisition, cultural competency and mental health and learn how this information can serve the deaf population.

credits required for the American Sign Language Studies major beyond second year ASL

students enrolled in the American Sign Language Studies program

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of master's degree can be completed as an undergrad at WOU

Sample four-year degree plan

Learning outcomes

  • Depict language mastery in ASL linguistics including the ability to express and comprehend ASL
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and understanding of deaf culture and deaf history perspectives in a global society
  • Develop strong background knowledge skills suitable for pursuing careers in education, government, social services, graduate work and lifelong learning of ASL.

Career opportunities

  • Deaf rehabilitation counseling
  • Research specialist
  • Professional interpreter
  • Consultant for businesses that cater to deaf community
  • Deaf education



Assistant Professor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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NTT Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
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