Accessible Live Streaming: 23 Questions to Help You Get Started Thinking

Recently I have working with accessible live streaming. Live streaming has been around for some years now, but it seems to be exploding much more with platforms like Twitch and multiple tools to enhance live streaming–especially for live gaming. Before you can really get going with live streaming, there are a number of questions you […]

Easy YouTube Caption Correction

Anyone who has used YouTube’s automatic captions knows there are regular and serious flaws–even with the ongoing and regular improvement. One way to correct these is to use YouTube’s built in editing tools. But frankly, still, it’s not that easy to use. Two other solutions exist–both built by independent captioners. Michael Lockerey’s NoMoreCraptions is an […]

Early Version of Caption Studies Conference (Dec 2014)

This is presented & preserved strictly for documentation and historical purposes. This is not the official page or post for the conference. Please be sure to go to the Caption Studies Conference page for the most recent information.   Foreword Through the end of November and start of December 2015, I have spoken with a […]

Future of Accessibility and Video Captions… From 3PlayMedia

An interesting and engaging video presentation panel with experts from Google, Dell, T-Mobile and 3PlayMedia. They discuss video accessibility and captions in the embedded video. The article also provides some context and materials. You can read the article and view the video here.