Capturing Streaming Closed Caption Scenes


It’s been several years since I’ve attempted to seriously work with #ClosedCaptions, capture them, analyze deeply, or work with them. Fortunately, time keeps on chugging away and technology and methods keep on improving.

Caption Captures

Below are two sample captures: both are from #PeakyBlinders, Season 1. My goal in conducting these tests was to develop a decent working method for capturing high quality scenes with captions burned in from streaming sources, like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The first video is a simple test to capture dialog between Tommy and Pol in Season 1–I think it’s Episode 3.

From Netflix, April 2022. Tweeted 27 April 2022.


This second test was to capture non-speech information in the captions. First, there is high tension music that transitions between the scenes–this is not captioned. Second, while there is [thunder rumbling], when watching the thunder seems not very relevant. Third, the captioning [vomits, coughs] does not last nearly as long as Grace’s vomiting and coughing do. Yes, there is vomiting in the clip–don’t watch if that disgusts or triggers you.

From Netflix, April 2022. Tweeted 27 April 2022.



My main goal was to test out my method. Here it is:

  1. Open ScreenFlow
  2. Open Netflix; select video.
  3. Start ScreenFlow recording
  4. Shift Netflix to full screen
  5. Play Netflix
  6. Stop Netflix at end of segment
  7. Open ScreenFlow file
  8. Balance audio file in ScreenFlow
  9. Edit start and end of clip