Easy YouTube Caption Correction

Anyone who has used YouTube’s automatic captions knows there are regular and serious flaws–even with the ongoing and regular improvement. One way to correct these is to use YouTube’s built in editing tools. But frankly, still, it’s not that easy to use.

Two other solutions exist–both built by independent captioners.

Michael Lockerey’s NoMoreCraptions is an open source approach to correcting your captions. It’s easy and simple.

Mike Ridgway has built DIYcaptions. Keyboard controls and easy to use interface are great benefits.

Not only can you work on and correct you own captions, you can take someone else’s video, see their bad YouTube captions, edit them to how you’d like to seem them, and …. Export your file as an SRT. So, if you are captioning videos for other people, you don’t have to start from zero; you can build from the rough YouTube transcript and easily edit and revise.


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