Accessible Live Streaming: 23 Questions to Help You Get Started Thinking

Recently I have working with accessible live streaming. Live streaming has been around for some years now, but it seems to be exploding much more with platforms like Twitch and multiple tools to enhance live streaming–especially for live gaming.

Before you can really get going with live streaming, there are a number of questions you need to ask–or at least think about.

Here are 23 questions to think about. And this is just getting started.

  1. Where would the conference be held?
  2. How robust is the Internet on site? In country? In continent?
  3. How many attendees do you hope to reach?
  4. Would be be streaming content out? Streaming in?
  5. How central is interaction?
  6. Are CART writers or licensed live captioners available?
  7. Do you have ASL interpreters on staff or will they be hired?
  8. How long are the sessions?
  9. How robust and capable are the technological resources? Do you have video conferencing and digital video streaming, meeting, and production suites, or are you looking at some laptops on spotty WiFi?
  10. Do you plan on recording the sessions? Hosting them on line?
  11. How are you defining accessibility: to address persons with hearing, mobility, and/or vision loss, or providing content to people who have been left out of the loop, or…?
  12. What is your timeline?
  13. What is your chain of command? If consensus driven, are you organized or does it take six weeks to make a decision?
  14. How much content would you like to stream? Several hours or several days?
  15. Do you currently have robust official or volunteer support staff? How technologically comfortable and competent are they?
  16. How familiar with live streaming and/or online conferences are your presenters? Potential attendees?
  17. Are you used to providing or outsourcing tech support for online attendees?
  18. What are your outcomes?
  19. Are there specific conference goals that live streaming should support?
  20. Is your organization moving this direction with a desire to have sustainable, long-term plans, or is this something to check out, see what you think, and then keep or toss depending on results?
  21. How widely spread might attendees be, i.e. around the continent or around the globe?
  22. Have you already selected your presenters?
  23. Must the final project and product be polished, or is your community okay with bumps, errors, and some low fidelity experiences?


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