Closed Caption Research: File Naming Protocols

As I return to researching #ClosedCaptions, I’m rediscovering a challenge in #CaptionStudies: file naming protocols. This is not a new problem, and any researcher working with volumes of content faces this challenge. Given my current focus on closed captions from #streaming platforms, some of my naming protocols seem easier than if I was comparing streamed […]

Capturing Streaming Closed Caption Scenes

Framing It’s been several years since I’ve attempted to seriously work with #ClosedCaptions, capture them, analyze deeply, or work with them. Fortunately, time keeps on chugging away and technology and methods keep on improving. Caption Captures Below are two sample captures: both are from #PeakyBlinders, Season 1. My goal in conducting these tests was to […]

Alternative Academic Poster Designs from Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison has proposed, and shared, some alternatives to traditional academic posters. They appear rather exciting, and I hope some folks decide to try these out at AES. Inside Higher Ed’s article on the Morrison and his proposed design: Morrison’s  fun 20 minute video: Here are some of Morrison’s poster templates: Here […]

OSU E-Campus hiring more Instructional Designers

OSU has hired multiple #InfoTech graduates to work as Instructional Designers at OSU. Some of our current students also work at E-Campus! Indeed, there are multiple connections that continue to grow. If you are interested in getting in that mix, and probably making more than most starting faculty at WOU, here’s the job description. A […]

Student portfolio links: An incomplete collection

Here’s a list of links to student portfolios. The list is not comprehensive. Portfolios from the past year or so at the top. The intention here is to provide students with a clear, curated collection of relevant links to example portfolios. ## More Recent Brock Bergstedt Kelsey Corder Michelle Dyer Matt Erdmans […]

Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online Textbook [OER]

A second text I found in this OER spring is the SUNY OpenTextbook: Information Literacy User’s Guide. This has multiple chapters for possible use in both Internet for Educators (so need to change that course name) as well as the Media Literacy course. While there are a lot of basic areas in here, I am […]

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers [OER]

I’m in the midst of reviewing and curating OERs for CSE 624: Internet for Educators. One of the first resources I found was Caulfield’s text: Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. I have only briefly reviewed the text, but there are multiple possible uses. 1. Providing process and overview to fact-checking for K-12 teachers–and how to […]