A list of resources I find useful.



Composing Access

Curated collection of resources on creating accessible events. Multiple references for organizers as well as presenters.

Reading Sounds

Dr. Sean Zdenek’s award-winning book on closed captioned media and popular culture. This site has hundreds of sample captions and accompanies the text. If you care about accessibility, you need to read this book.

Usability Testing with People with Disabilities

Online version of Just Ask offers specific, useful guidance on conducting usability testing with participants with disabilities. The site has many other references as well.

W3C’s guide on How to Make Presentations Accessible to All

Extensive set of resources for organizers and speakers interested in fostering equity through accessible presentations and conferences.


PM Press

PM Press publishes a number of titles directly related to autonomy and education. They have many additional areas of excellence, such as prison abolition, science fiction, and punk rock.


Unsorted Software

Gimp [open source]

Image manipulation program.

Pencil [open source]

Prototyping tool.

Twine [open source]

Software for interactive, nonlinear stories.



Open Broadcaster Software [open source]

ScreenFlow [Mac only; costs $$]