Dr. Leanne Merrill | Associate Professor of Mathematics

I’m an associate professor in the Mathematics Department at Western Oregon University.

I believe that everyone deserves to succeed in and enjoy mathematics, and that mathematical confidence leads to an empowered and joyful life. As an educator, I pursue equity-focused mathematics pedagogy in both general and specialized classes, and always enjoy learning about new approaches and perspectives on teaching.

During Spring Term 2024, I am teaching:

  • Honors 276: The Mathematics of Voting

As a researcher, I am interested in recreational mathematics, primarily involving crossword puzzles and board games. See here and here for some papers about the mathematics of crossword puzzles. I also construct crossword puzzles.

In addition to my teaching and scholarship, I currently serve as the First Year Seminar Coordinator, and will assume the role of Director of General Education in July 2024. Additionally, I am engaged in a variety of activities around scholarship, textbook authorship, and department and university assessment.  As a personal endeavor, I maintain the Great WOU Acronym List.

If you’re a student in one of my classes, you can find your course information on the Canvas page for your course. To access Canvas, log into your WOU Portal and click on the Canvas icon. Canvas contains information about where to find me, and how to schedule an in-person or Zoom meeting with me.

For general questions about the Mathematics Department, please email mathematics@wou.edu.


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