Students protest on college campus

Written by: Libby Thoma | Staff Writer

Content warning: this article contains mentions of police violence.


Pro-Palestine protests have been taking place all over U.S. college campuses. According to NPR, students are asking for campuses not to support businesses that diverge with Israel. Campuses include the University of New Mexico, The University of Chicago, Columbia University, UCLA, California State Polytechnic University and more. 

These protests have led several colleges to instill holds on graduation ceremonies and, in some cases, police have been called, forcing a discussion regarding police violence towards student protestors. 

School-wide graduation ceremonies at colleges such as Columbia University and the University of Southern California have been canceled due to campus unrest and police activity. Police activity has been an ongoing issue on campuses where protests have taken place. Some are comparing the events at these protests to the Vietnam protests at Kent University, in which four students died due to police violence. 

Although no fatal incidents have occurred in these protests, colleges are actively trying to mitigate violence or illegal acts perpetrated by protestors and police alike. While peaceful protests are ideal, there have still been some violent events surrounding these recent protests. 

There have been instances of violence occurring between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protestors, entailing shoving, kicking and the groups beating each other with sticks. Additionally, there is the ongoing issue of students committing illegal acts on campuses such as trespassing and vandalism. Police have arrested more than 2,000 student protestors for various reasons, and there has been a circulation of videos online depicting police violence towards these protestors. Police on campuses, such as UCLA, came prepared for potential altercations in riot gear. 

The thin line between protesting and civil disobedience and what the police should and shouldn’t do has been debated throughout these protests. The importance of students, police and other civilians’ safety shouldn’t be underestimated, and these situations must be handled carefully. 

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