Student reactions to the dorm guest policy petition

Western students react to a petition in favor for changing the dorm guest policy

Stephanie Moschella | Digital Media Manager

How many students voted: 68

Students in favor for changing the dorm guest policy: 41 (60%)

Students against changing the dorm guest policy: 27 (40%)


Highlighted student responses: 

     Name: Kendra Acker

     Year: First-year

     Major: Education

“Or at least guests from other halls, because there’s nowhere to hangout with friends from other halls except outside, especially when it’s raining and gloomy out. Or now with the freeze, we can’t even meet and hang in Valsetz. Idk *woman with black hair shrugging emoji*”


     Name: Erich Muehe

     Year: Senior 

     Major: Political Science

“I voted in support of the petition because I know it would be good for other students as they would be struggling in this time. I currently live off campus but I know many people that would benefit from this change.” 


     Name: Robby Scharf

     Year: Sophomore

     Major: Education 

“Considering the depopulation of the dorms that has already happened, and is going to continue to happen until the end of the term and possibly last in some considerable fashion into winter term, the danger of widespread community transmission of Covid-19 continues to decrease with time. The people living in the dorms currently are the least likely to spend considerable time in other communities and bring Covid-19 to campus, as those who live anywhere near WOU are considerably more likely to just live at home or elsewhere off campus. The ethics of the no-guest policy are becoming more and more ambiguous, in my view, daily.”

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