Mother v. Mother Earth

Written by: Ruth Simonsen | Digital Media Manager

Content warning: Taylor Swift hater ahead

In 2023, Taylor Swift was the celebrity with the highest carbon emissions for the second year in a row. This is absurd. Of course, these were the same years in which she went on her global Eras tour, which contributed to these massive amounts of carbon emissions. 

While this could constitute a valid excuse, there are many other artists and bands that went on world tours during this time. Foo Fighters, for instance, hit five continents on their world tour, the same amount as Taylor Swift, but their carbon emissions did not even make the 2022–2023 list.

The difference between Taylor Swift and the many other artists who went on tour during these years is the possession of a private jet. Many artists who are going on worldwide tours still need to fly to different countries, but they often use public transportation, while celebrities such as Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott get around in privately owned jets. 

Taylor Swift also owns not one, but two private jets. This is simply unnecessary. There is no valid reason that anyone should own two private jets, even if they do go on world tours and have a boyfriend in the NFL. 

With a net worth of over one billion dollars and single-handedly costing the earth a vast amount of its health, Taylor Swift needs to change her act. To the public, she preaches global health. 

“Swift’s lyrics frequently reference nature, and she has been a public advocate for several environmental causes, including global clean water access and protecting endangered wildlife,” Forbes quotes. “She also called climate change one of the ‘horrific situations’ plaguing the world.” 

This is insane. No one in their right mind would be supporting ideals like this while also contributing the highest amounts of carbon emissions, approximately 8000 tonnes, out of every celebrity. Some of these trips were for her tour, which could leave room for some justification. Other trips were to see her boyfriend play his sport. Her hypocrisy is baffling.

Instead of contributing to the number one thing that is rapidly killing the earth, she could just watch him play his little game on the television screen like the rest of us. I understand the importance of being a supportive girlfriend, but it should never be at the cost of the planet. 

There are many different, eco-friendly ways of traveling, especially for someone with as much wealth and amenities as Swift. She has thousands of resources at her disposal, all accessible to her through her millions of dollars. It is entirely inexcusable for her to act the way that she is. Change needs to happen, and it can only come about by calling Swift out. 

Instead of discussing her newest revision of her already-made albums with your friends, bring up her lack of care for the environment that we all live in. I promise it will make for an interesting conversation.

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