Here are a few simple pranks to pull come April 1st

These practical jokes are entertaining for everyone

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It’s no hoax — April Fool’s Day is nearly here. Traditionally, people pull lighthearted pranks and jokes on unsuspecting family or friends, most of which range in the surprise factor. There are many tried and true tricks, like using fake spilled nail polish on the carpet or the classic caramel dipped onion on a stick. If folks need some inspiration, consider attempting these silly April Fool’s Day antics:

  • Taping googly eyes to household objects is a simple way to provide some laughs through the day. Throw them on the lamp, the TV, on the outside of a coffee mug ⏤ anywhere is possible. 
  • Covering sensors on electronics, or removing the batteries, can be a harmless way to prank the household for part of the day.
  • Take dark colored paper and cut out an insect, then tape it to the inside of the lampshade to make it look like there’s a large bug lurking. Plastic toy insects work just fine in a pinch and are normally pretty cheap.
  • Scrape the filling from a few Oreo cookies, and replace it with white toothpaste. Leaving some of these cookies ready on a plate can help entice the prankee to fall for it.  
  • If there’s a near empty or fully finished jar of mayonnaise, rinse out the container very well and replace it with whipped cream, and then pretend to eat the “mayonnaise” right from the jar to see people’s reactions.
  • Replace photos in the house with random celebrity pictures or popular TV characters. Some examples people have used in the past are pictures of Danny Devito, Steve Buscemi and Shrek.  

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