Free Coffee Offered in the Library

Free coffee takes the place of the Press cafe in the library

Mollie Herron | News Editor

When studying in the Hamersly Library, many students notice the run down cafe in the far north side of the first floor. The Press cafe was a place for students in the library to order coffee, pastries and sandwiches, but has been closed for quite some time. Because of this closure, there are limited places for students to buy coffee on campus. 

“It’s a funding issue, it’s not that anybody wanted the cafe to close,” Chelle Batchelor, dean of library and academic innovation said. “In fact, all of us on campus would really love to have it reopen.”

Due to the decrease in the number of students on campus, Hamersly Library does not have the funds to support the cafe. Fortunately, Caffe Allegro is still open and only a short walk away from the library. For students looking to get their caffeine fix after Caffe Allegro’s closing hour of 2 p.m., the library will be offering free coffee from 2 – 6 p.m. every week Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, the free coffee cannot be given out until after Caffe Allegro closes so that there is no competition between the two. As much as everyone wishes free coffee could be offered at all times, there is the assumption that it would slow business and cause a negative result for both locations.

For those looking to support the library and help with upkeep as well as support future endeavors, donations to the Hamersly Library Dean’s Fund are always welcomed. These donations will help keep the library clean as well as provide funds to buy new materials and support the existing ones. With more donations, the library will also get the opportunity to award more scholarships to students that have earned it.

Donating is encouraged because it helps keep campus accessible and up to date for students, but if it is really only for the coffee, that is perfectly acceptable too.

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