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During the 2019 Oregon Special Election, Polk County passed a levy that would extend funding for educational programs

In the Special Election, Polk County only had one measure to vote upon, which was supported by the community

Sage Kiernan-Sherrow | News Editor

Approximately 30% of 959 eligible voters participated in Oregon’s Special Election — an election not part of the regular schedule — which took place on Nov. 5, according to Overall, there were nine state-wide measures to vote upon, and all aside from one passed. The measures primarily focused on education, environmental, and economic issues. 

In Polk County, community members were voting on a measure that would determine if the Falls City School District would renew a five-year levy that would otherwise terminate in June of 2020. According to the Polk County website, this levy would “continue funding for a music program, sports programs, extracurricular activities and FACES, or the Family Academics Community Enrichment for Success program.” Out of 297 votes collected for this particular measure, 180 were in support, and the measure passed.


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