Climate change, causes and effects

Written by: Libby Thoma | Freelance Writer

Climate change affects every being on Mother Earth — even humans. Worries surrounding climate change have been rising for years and continue to rise daily. So, are these concerns valid?

The short answer is yes, but there will most likely not be devastating effects directly to the current generations. However, if there isn’t major change, then there could be devastating effects to not only the earth, but to the future of humanity. 

Although the effects of climate change may not be critical yet, there are still effects of climate change to our generation, as well as those after us such as a rise in heat, more severe weather, drought, flooding, decrease in food availability and human health — with air quality, diseases spreading and food not being as healthy. 

These effects will continue to worsen with the temperature rise. What actually is climate change? Climate change, simply put, is changes in weather patterns and temperatures. Climate change is caused by greenhouse gasses getting trapped in the atmosphere and trapping the heat from the sun in the earth

This causes icebergs to warm and melt into the ocean, not only decreasing drinking water, but also decreasing albedo feedback — reflection of heat — and continuing to trap more heat. This also ruins land and sea creatures’ habitats. 

Climate change is destroying the earth and humanity. The current state of climate change continues to worsen, temperatures are rising twice as fast as they previously were as of 1981, and earth’s temperature has risen 2° F in total since 1880. The 10 warmest years ever recorded have all occurred from 2010-2023

Each of the symptoms of climate change worsen as the temperature rises annually. Although the state of the earth may sound dire, individuals can contribute to stopping climate change in its tracks.

One might try eating less meat, preserving energy in their home, using more clean energy and avoiding driving or flying regularly. If everyone contributes, climate change can be lowered, but the biggest climate change contributors are not average citizens, rather rich people constantly flying private jets, large corporations unnecessarily producing mass amounts of greenhouse gasses and superfluous mass production of factory products. 

So, as an average citizen, the best actions to take are signing petitions, protesting, participating in walkouts, public or social media advocacy and promoting climate change education — all of which are also extremely important. Climate change is extremely damaging and even deadly, so it is time humanity does something about it. 

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