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Curriculum Design

This badge documents knowledge, skills, and ability related to designing effective technology-rich instruction. Individuals holding this badge have demonstrated their expertise with instructional design that is aligned with the learning needs of their particular students and with the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). They infuse technology into instruction in ways that enhance learning, and the instructional materials they design will communicate strong visual as well as verbal messages.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Individuals holding this badge are able to:

  • Understand basic principles of instructional design and course design;
  • Design technology-rich instruction for face-to-face or online dissemination;
  • Align instruction with educational and discipline-specific standards;
  • Match learning activities to course goals and assessments;
  • Design assessments alighted to course outcomes;
  • Revise assessments based on student performance;
  • Encourage adaptive instruction and assignments;
  • Use communication theory to guide development of instructional materials to support curricula using a variety of information transfer technologies;
  • Apply communication theories to evaluating and improving existing instructional materials;
  • Apply basic concepts related to visual communication;
  • Apply design concepts to create effective messages and instruction in a variety of media.


Individuals earning this badge have completed the following courses:

  • ED 626: Instructional Design
  • LIB 680: Communication Theory
  • CSE 615: Designing Information


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