After September 30, 2016, the Western Region Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC) will no longer support this website as our federal funding has ended. This site will remain open but we will not be able to respond to inquiries.

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WRIEC - Western Region Intrpreter Center

Technical Assistance

A key service provided by WRIEC is technical assistance. Technical assistance can take many forms and shapes. It can be a simple answer to the question of "Where can I find a RID CMP and ACET sponsor?" Or the technical assistance can be as in-depth as "I am a Director of an AA Interpreter Education Program. We would like assistance in creating a partnership with a BA Program." WRIEC is available to help you create opportunities for interpreter or deaf self-advocacy training or refer you to a consultant with expertise in an area you of need for you.


Please do feel free to contact us with your request for technical assistance. But do also peruse the WRIEC and NCIEC websites. There is an abundance of resources waiting to be "mined."



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