After September 30, 2016, the Western Region Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC) will no longer support this website as our federal funding has ended. This site will remain open but we will not be able to respond to inquiries.

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Deaf-Blind Resources

Association of Deaf-Blind Oregonians


Fearless Avenues: Oregon and SW Washington Deaf-Blind Club


Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults (HKNC)

The mission of HKNC is to enable each person who is deaf-blind to live and work in his or her community of choice. Authorized by an Act of Congress in 1967, HKNC is a national rehabilitation program serving youth and adults who are deaf-blind. HKNC provides services to youth and adults who are deaf-blind according to the definition of deaf-blindness in the Helen Keller Act. Support services for youth and adults who are deaf-blind, their families and the professionals who serve them across the country are provided through our system of field services.


Seattle Deaf-Blind Service Center (DBSC)

DBSC is committed to assisting deaf-blind people in reaching and maintaining their highest possible quality of life and degree of personal autonomy. DBSC believes communication is the core issue in providing quality services to Deaf-Blind people. Within DBSC, high quality communication with deaf-blind people is ensured in the following ways:

  1. All information is provided in the desired communication mode of the person being served, whether that be Braille, close vision or tactile communication.
  2. Our staff possesses a complementary set of language and communication skills, to meet the broadest possible spectrum of language and communication needs.
  3. We obtain qualified interpreters for larger meetings or when the communication needs of the Deaf-Blind person cannot be met within DBSC's in-house resources.
  4. We conduct all advocacy and case planning with the fullest possible participation of the deaf-blind individual.
  5. DSBC believes in the importance of information to enable people to make educated choices. DBSC provides opportunities for deaf-blind people to receive the information they need, and to be informed about the variety of possible options.

Washington State Deaf-Blind Citizens, Inc. (WSDBC)

The mission of WSDBC is to establish with specific interest of encouraging and promoting educational, economic, and social welfare; to encourage fellowship; to defend our rights, and advance an organization in which members can participate in the discussion of problems and solutions relative to their welfare and prosperity.



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