After September 30, 2016, the Western Region Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC) will no longer support this website as our federal funding has ended. This site will remain open but we will not be able to respond to inquiries.

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WRIEC - Western Region Intrpreter Center

WRIEC - Interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings

Collaborative project of the NCIEC with WRIEC participation


Interpreting as a profession has its roots in vocational rehabilitation. Since the late sixties, vocational rehabilitation has employed interpreters to facilitate communication for their deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind consumers. Interpreters working in vocational rehabilitation will be expected to interpret in a myriad of settings, including but not limited to medical, mental health, post-secondary education, career testing and placement and the workplace. This initiative is designed to provide specialized professional development opportunities for interpreters, as well as deaf consumers, VR personnel, interpreter educators and students.


In the early stages of the grant cycle, the initiative will explore and determine effective practices around interpreting in vocational rehabilitation settings. Once completed, an annotated review of the applicable literature and a defined set of competencies for interpreters working in VR settings will be published. Content specification will be identified and used to develop a series of interpreter training modules. The National Interpreter Training Center is focused on utilizing these products to develop and field-test training modules for interpreter educators during this cycle. The MARIE Center, in collaboration with the Western Regional Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC), will be using these products to develop and field-test a series of online modules designed as in-service training for working practitioners. Other centers will participate in the field-testing of the training modules and/or use the products to facilitate the presentation of content in other formats—such as presentations, workshops, and print materials.


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