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Professionals trained in Spanish language skills are in high demand in a range of fields, not just because of an increase of Spanish-speaking residents, but also because of the globalization of the economy. If you major in Spanish, you can expect to gain an extensive knowledge of Hispanic cultures, languages and literature through course work and, perhaps, study abroad. There is a wide variety of cultural activities for you to enjoy on campus as well.

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credits required for the Spanish major

students per class on average in the Spanish program


of master's degree can be completed as an undergrad at WOU


of students who apply to WOU are selected for admission

Sample four-year degree plan

Learning outcomes

  • Speak, aurally comprehend, write and read Spanish at a level suitable of graduate education or careers in business, government, social services or tourism
  • Explain and apply Hispanic culture and historical perspectives to events and ideas in a globalized society
  • Analyze and critique original texts and cultural artifacts from Peninsular, Latin American and U.S. Latino sources

Career opportunities

  • Spanish teacher
  • Journalist
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Mental health counselor
  • Legislative aide

Spanish minor

WOU knows that Spanish-speaking skills are vital in just about every field, from business to nursing to education. That’s why we have a minor that help students hone their fluency in an academic setting, so they can thrive in whatever career they choose to pursue.

credits required for the Spanish minor



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