Sociology is the study of social life, its characteristics, changes, causes and consequences. If you major in sociology, you’ll gain new perspectives about social organizations, social divisions and inequality. In your senior year, you’ll have a research project in which you’ll get to delve into the world of human relationships, political relations and possibly demographic analysis. Come away with a better understand of interpersonal and societal intersections with a major in sociology. With this major students can choose an optional concentration- Social Justice or Social Work.

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Learning outcomes

  • Investigate social issues and structures of social inequity through critical research and analysis
  • Explain and analyze the complex interactions among individuals, institutions and society
  • Effectively communicate and discuss social theories and research findings as they relate to social problems

Career opportunities

  • Market researcher
  • Alcohol and drug case worker
  • Parole officer
  • Social worker
  • Human resources specialist

Sociology minor

Select your option in this minor. Will you choose an emphasis in theory and research or focus on community services instead? Either way, you’ll uncover aspects of sociology that you may not have thought about before such as social research methods, sociology of deviant behavior and social

credits required for the Sociology minor



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Assistant Professor, Sociology

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