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Honors Program

The WOU Honors Program is an academic offering that joins a friendly community of students who seek a more rigorous, comprehensive and writing-intensive approach to courses while earning their degrees. Each cohort includes about 40 students, and members substitute an Honors curriculum for their general education requirements. The program is free to those who qualify, and every credit counts towards graduation. There’s even a designated residence hall where many members live and study!

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  • Enjoy smaller classes that utilize group discussions and critical thinking to fully explore a wide range of diverse topics
  • Build a community with the students you have classes with, live with and attend events with for lifelong connections
  • Experience the intense research and expertise that comes during the thesis process, and tout your Honors designation on your resume

Program outcomes

  • Integrate concepts/perspectives across multiple disciplines, including (but not limited to) creative arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. (IL/Integrative Learning) — applies primarily to core classes
  • Analyze and/or critique significant issues of the human experience through communication and collaborative projects. (IA/Inquiry & Analysis) — applies primarily to colloquia
  • Complete a capstone project that addresses a substantive question or problem through research, synthesis, and/or creative response. (WC/Written Communication) — applies primarily to thesis

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