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Healthcare Science – minor

This minor prepares students for work in the wide-reaching fields of chemistry, forensic science and environmental science through a basis of knowledge about healthcare and how it pertains to these areas. If chemistry of all kinds is something you love, this minor can support your mission to work in biochemistry, oceanography, toxicology and many other related fields.

credits required for the Healthcare Science minor


of master's degree can be completed as an undergrad at WOU


of students who apply to WOU are selected for admission

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Highlights of the program

  • Understand of concepts, principles and findings in chemistry.
  • Use lab methods and scientific instruments to investigate a hypothesis, conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results.
  • Show effective written and oral communication skills in order to share complicated scientific or technical info in a clear manner.
  • Demonstrate that you are: (1) honest in data reporting; (2) concerned about the safety of practitioners, test subjects and the local community/environment; and (3) aware of the effect that our actions have on the natural world.

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