German Studies (PHASING OUT)

There are more than 115 Germany-based major corporations operating in Oregon, and they prefer that their employees know the language. If you enjoyed your German classes in high school and want to continue gaining proficiency, a major in German might be for you. Plus, you can pair your language skills with other disciplines such as business, political science or education in order to increase your chances of landing a job with a German corporation.

I’m also a minor!

credits required for the German Studies major

students per class on average in the German Studies program


of students are assigned multiple advisers devoted to guiding them through their four years at WOU


of students who apply to WOU are selected for admission

Sample four-year degree plan

Learning outcomes

  • Speak, aurally comprehend, write and read German at a level suitable for graduate education or careers in business, government, social services or tourism
  • Explain and apply German cultural and historical perspectives to events and ideas in a globalized society
  • Analyze and critique original texts and cultural artifacts from German sources

Career opportunities

  • German teacher
  • International relations
  • Federal government employee
  • Sales manager
  • Tour guide

German Studies minor

Want to be fluent in German even if you don’t plan to work in career that requires it? Keep your skills up to par with a German Studies minor while you also get valuable insights into German history, music, art or any other topic you choose from the department’s long list!

credits required for the German Studies minor



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